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Why Should I Scrub My Lips?

Everyone's lips are naturally dry. BUT! That baby-smooth skin is underneath! Lip Scrub'ing each morning removes dead skin, brings out your lips' vibrant, natural color, and lays the perfect foundation for your Sara Happ hydrator of choice. No flakes, no chapped lips here. Ever.

My lips are always dry. Why?

You're not alone! Lip nerd fact: your lips are dehydrated because they lack oil and sweat glands that the rest of your skin has. Topical hydration is a must to make up for what Mother Nature didn't give us.

Are my current lip products drying my lips out?

Sadly, yes. Most lip products are designed to dehydrate your lips. Can you believe it?! That's why you reapply every five minutes, and still feel dry. HAPPily, we have the answer! We've removed the dehydrating ingredients, infused our products with juicy oils and luscious polymers to truly hydrate and last, last, last... until you take it off. We want you to be obsessed, not addicted!

What's Sara's "Sleep Test"?

Fun fact: before approving a formula, Sara and her team sleep with it on. Nothing is approved unless they wake up with lips that are in kissable condition. Smooth, soothed, moisturized.

Why Sara Happ?

We aim to do one thing, and do it perfectly. Lips! We're the only company that can say that, 18 years strong. Imagine an office filled with people who do nothing but dream up the best lip products imaginable, and chemists that execute on that vision. 24/7. That makes for lip magic. We truly are The Lip Expert (tm).

Is Sara Happ gluten-free? Paraben-free?

Yes and yes.

Does Sara Happ test on animals?

Never, not ever. We're PETA-approved. We love all creatures.

Where is Sara Happ made?

We are proudly manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Guess what? Sara tests and approves each batch of product before it goes to shelves or ships to you. MWAH!


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