Why Lips? 

For the past 10 years, I’ve talked with women around the world about their lips: what they love about them, what they’d change…
most importantly, how their lips make them feel. 

I’ve learned this: we have deeply ingrained opinions about them. We take our lips quite seriously. 

And we’re always looking for that perfect product. One that truly heals relentless chapping. That looks perfect on our skin tone. That, in an instant, transforms us into our most radiant self.

It thrills me each time I use The Lip Scrub on a customer and turn the mirror over to her. She’s amazed, having never experienced what exfoliated lips feel like. Then I slather on The Lip Slip, and it’s as though I’ve blanketed her skin with cashmere.

I get to look her in the eye and say that, since I created The Lip Scrub in 2005 and The Lip Slip in 2008, I have not had chapped lips. Not once.
And I can promise her the same.

That’s a revolutionary idea to most. It delights me to know that we can change people’s feelings about their lips, forever. 



Why Scrub Your Lips?

Exfoliation is absolutely the key to glowing skin. That ‘lit from within’ look begins with a clean, smooth foundation. Once skin is free of the dead cells that dull its appearance and block absorption, product can sink in and do its job. When you’re working with new skin, your entire experience changes. You glow.

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Unmask Your Lips

We’ve harnessed the power of detoxifying Bentonite Clay and combined it with self-regenerative stem cell technology of Swertiamarin, sourced from the Himalayas to make the first ever hydrating Clay Lip Mask! It restores, soothes, hydrates and detoxifies your skin resulting in moisturized skin, a firmer pout, and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Slather it on like frosting and luxuriate in this pink, goopy goodness! 

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Let Them Drink Up

Your lips lack oil glands. They’re thirsty. We hydrate without the drying ingredients found in most lip products. Wear our Slips overnight. You’ll wake up to a plump, healed, hydrated-beyond-anything-you’ve-ever-felt pout. Which will then turn into a sweet smile.

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